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The following are examples eMails between Sandy and the troops in the field.


Dear Casey Family-
Your reputation for patriotism and support for our soldiers precedes you, as relayed from
my classmates Clark ***, Chris ***, and Omar ***. I am honored that you wish to give my unit
your generous and valuable support.
We are on a small Forward Operating Base east of Baquba. We are living well here with good food
and comfortable quarters, and as soldiers and leaders do, they improve their positions with what
is available. We do not however have access to a PX. The nearest is 90 minutes away by ground convoy,
back in Baquba. Such being the case, little hygiene and toiletry items are in demand, with supplies
largely dependent in the folks back home sending us little stuff.
Our Chaplain has established a neat little ‘Blackhawk Frontier Trading Post’ where all such supplies
are consolidated. Troops needing something can come get what they need, and Troops that have more than
they need from their care packages can give it to the Trading Post. The same deal for our ‘To Any Soldier’ packages
that come to our base. The system has worked quite well.
Such being the case, we would like our Chaplain to be the main Point of Contact / Addressee for anything you care to send. He will have to greatest insight into the collective and individual needs of the guys and gals here – who needs what?
I spoke with our Chaplain’s Assistant today and took a quick inventory of the Trading Post. Here is what we determined.
We need:
- Shaving Cream
- Razors
- Shampoos
- Baby Wipes
We would like to get:
- Towels
- Wash Cloths
- Little Shower Loofas
- Clothes Hangers
- Little AA battery powered travel alarm clocks
- Small throw-rugs (like those ugly multi-colored ones you get at the ‘Dollar Store – to place over the plywood floors next to the our bunks).
- Little pouches of Laundry Soap
- 2009 Calendars
- Room Air Fresheners (spray, hanging, or tins. No plug-in types)
- Small bottles of Gold Bond or Baby Powder
We have Six females here. They have ask for:
- Girl Shaving Cream
- Girl Razors
- Facial Moisturizer
- Face Scrub Soap (to help fight acne)
- Hair Spray
- Hair Ties
- Little hanging mirrors (like what you may have had in your high school locker)
- White Footie Socks (size 8 will do)
Other little things:
- Jigsaw Puzzles
- Puzzle books
- Little desk games
What we don’t need or already have Lots of:
- Playing cards
- Chap Stick
- Foot Powder
- Pretty much any sort of medical over-the-counter item that our Medics already have lots of.

I will get you CH *** direct e-mail so you can coordinate for any specific individuals in the squadron that
might need a little something special in their stocking.

Thanks for caring. Folks like you back home make it so much easier for us over here.

Major Ryan ****
FOB Caldwell, Iraq




----- Original Message -----
From: Sandra Casey <>
Date: Saturday, November 15, 2008 21:04
Subject: Care Packages
To: ryan.***

Major ***,

Thank you for serving our country. We appreciate you and those serving with you. As you know, I got your name from LTC Clark ***.
It will be our pleasure to send care packages to you. It's not too late for special requests.

Many people contribute so it's a really grab bag, but we do get cash donations we can spend for special things you really need or want. I hope you and your men are able to get a sense of how proud and appreciative we are of our armed forces. Thank you.

Do you want all packages to go through Chaplain ***? I will email you or Chaplain *** with a list of the boxes we
send and the contents of each.
ex. 12 Care Packages
3 Women
3 Men
6 Any

Last year a Chaplain told me he keep a library of dvd's so we sent DVD cleaners and all the dvds directly to him instead of in
individual care packages. I also sent any bulk items directly to the Chaplain. I hope our labeling will make it easier to distribute.

Please email Chaplin *** email address. If possible, can you provide me with a list of names, or how many soldiers there. How many are women?

Thank you for your help,
Stay safe
Sandra Casey
Caseys' Page Mill, Ltd

Sandra Casey
Caseys' Page Mill, Ltd

Help us support the Troops!
This will be our 5th year to send care packages to soldiers in Iraq &/or Afghanistan. They arrive by Christmas Eve.
You can help by writing personal thank you notes or Christmas cards to be included in our care packages. Or send items or mail a check to: "CFF for Our Troops" at our address. Cash donations are used to buy phone cards, personal care items, tasty treats, dvd's or pay postage. DEADLINE for this years care packages by Nov 28, 2008. No deadline for Cash or Checks.
Thank You

Colorado Friends & Family For Our Troops, a grass roots Non - Profit Organization is in the process of submitting an application to be designated as a 501c3 organization.

Colorado Friends & Family For our Troops
6528 S Oneida Ct
Centennial, CO 80111-4617

Phone: 303-220-1463
Toll Free: 800-544-5620
Fax: 303-220-1477


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