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Excellent resource from a Middle School teacher, Alyssa Miles

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Magic Dark - Introduced at the 2002 SGIA show. We have no experience with this product, however it appears to make the images on both our Translucency and LaserFilm the most opaque we have ever observed. We are very anxious to receive customer reports on this product.

Mike - I followed your link to the Laser Black site and got in touch with Tony Chu their rep in Los Angeles. He came down to San Diego to show me the system and I bought one. Really something else! I make positives for sikscreening and used to use Laser Buddy but the laser Black system puts that to shame. Not only does it make the image twice as dense but it also fills gaps in the toner. It is a bit more work but in the long run well worth it for a real quality positive. I sell a lot of film to printers in the area and they're all really stoked with the results as well. If not for your link I'd have never known about this. Thanks and Good Luck. - JM
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I have been using Tony Chu's excelent Photopolymer wash solution when he introduced the Laser Black for making our negatives in house,I must say that not only it worked well, it reduced our cost of negs drastically and gave us much more flexibility in serving our customers. I highly recommand it.
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Description: Surreal Creations is a screen printing and design company located on Auckland's North Shore specialising in print runs of any size and one off T Shirts.