Ultra Chrome InkJet Film

CASEYS' ULTRA CHROME INKJET FILM™ is compatible with Epson Printers using (UC) Ultra Chrome Ink and will also accept Dye based inks. This film is waterproof.

A starch has been applied to one side of the film to adsorb the ink. You can determine the side you should print on by the wet finger test. Just wet a finger, and touch each side of the film. The sticky side is the side on which you should print.

When printing on a test sheet, just print a small area. Adjust your printer and print another small area until you have achieved optimal results.

Epson printers use either Dye-based or Ultra Chrome inks not both. Other printer manufacturer's inks are unknown to us and may or may not be compatible with our films. Because we have discovered many users are experimenting and substituting inks and they are unsure of the type of inks they are using, we suggest that you purchase a trial sheet for $1 per sheet before purchasing an entire package.

Note: Caseys' Ultra Black will not work with InkJet ink.

The following is a price comparison among our different tabloid size (11" x 17") substrates:

    Liquid Ink Printers (using liquid ink)
  • Caseys' Clear InkJet Film Photographic Dye Based Ink $1.63 per sheet
  • Caseys' UC InkJet Film Epson Ultra Chrome Ink $1.14 per sheet
    Laser Printers (using dry toner)
  • Caseys' Laser Film Dry Toner Laser Printers 82¢ per sheet
  • Caseys' Translucency Dry Toner Laser Printers 36¢ per sheet

Caseys' Ultra Chrome InkJet Film

Thickness: .005 inch
Trial Sheet (8.5in X 11in) (21.6cm X 28cm)

Orders containing only a trial pack and/or film samples will be mailed.
Caseys' Ultra Chrome InkJet Film is a high quality clear polyester designed for InkJet printers.
The film has a milky blue tint and is transparent to Ultra Violet (UV) light.

Screen Printers use Ultra Chrome InkJet film as a positive for burning screens.

Laser Printer vs InkJet Printer:
Laser Printer is faster.
Laser Printer Film or Translucency is less expensive.
InkJet may print darker than a laser printer.
InkJet can handle larger sizes than a laser printer.
InkJet requires higher maintenance than a laser printer.