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Our mission at Caseys' Page Mill is to provide our customers with the best products, services, and support in the screen printing, pre-press industry.

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A Brief History

Long, long ago (and this is the abbreviated version), we started a desktop publishing company. Using a Mac Plus we wrote software and developed typefaces for ourselves. We were written about in one of the Macintosh magazines which brought us to the attention of some screen printers. They asked if we could / would develop software and typefaces for them.


We developed Athletic Block and Athletic Script typefaces. Within six months we developed our first commercial computer program which was named Lettering Effects.™


We developed the first ever interactive multimedia training CDs. These trained on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The CDs contained voice narration, music and animation.


We were selling Macintosh computer systems to the screen printing industry. Many screenprinters began to attempt to use ordinary vellum in laser printers to save money, but we noticed issues of shrinking and jamming were responsible for 90% of our technical support calls.

This led to our quest to produce a better vellum. We found that regular vellum, which contains 100% rag and that vellum couldn’t hold much of a static electric charge. This charge is required to attract toner and help the vellum to weave in and out of the laser printer rollers.

At last we developed a new medium that is superior to vellum. It goes through laser printers without jamming, picks up more toner and is far more transparent to the ultra violet light required for burning a screen. In addition, it is dimensionally more stable and can be used for process color separations.

We named our new product Caseys’ Translucency™ and mailed trial packs of Caseys’ Translucency all over the country to see what others in the industry thought of it.. The response was overwhelming! Our paper worked so well that we were flooded with orders and calls requesting information on how to become a Caseys’ Translucency distributor and we now have distributors all over the world.

Due our success with Caseys’ Translucency, we have continued to develop new products for our worldwide distribution network.


We added Caseys’ Laser Film™ (a polyester material) for the pad printing industry.


We added Caseys’ InkJet Film™ which allows screenprinters to print separations directly from their inkjet printers.


We added Caseys’ Clear InkJet Film™ which replaced our cloudy looking Caseys' InkJet Film.

Our goal at Caseys’ Page Mill is to provide our customers with the best products, services, and support in the industry. Your needs are important to us and crucial to our success, so we enthusiastically welcome your ideas and requests.

Thank you for your patronage,
Mike & Sandy Casey