Van's RV-7A with slider canopy

Pilot wearing gorilla mask.

First Flown

November 2004

450 Hours on Airframe

Hangared at Front Range Airport, Denver Colorado


Lycoming IO-390

Dynamometer 211 HP

178 Hours on Engine

Engine built by Barrett Precision Engines, Inc.

2870-B N. Sheridan Road

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115

Added Engine Enhancements:

  1. Oil Filter Adapter
  2. Light Speed Engineering electronic ignition one side, standard magneto the other side. Expensive High Performance Spark Plugs with small iridium & platinum electrodes.
  3. Spare magneto
  4. AirFlow Performance fuel injection with balanced injectors
  5. Vetterman Exhaust
  6. Antisplataero oil separator
  7. Bowden cable controlled air vain into oil cooler (oil is too cool without air vein restriction)


James Aircraft Engine plenum

James Aircraft Engine Cowling

Hartzell Blended Airfoil Propeller


Van's RV-7A with slider canopy

I am 6' 5" tall and weigh 220 pounds. There is plenty of leg room for me because I installed the "Almost A 14 Mod." This moved the seats back 4 inches.

Other features

  1. 5 point seat belt and inertia shoulder harness.
  2. OregonAero seats which are heated
  3. Mile High Oxygen system with two Pulse Demand controllers
  4. Canopy is removable and tillable which makes it easy to add and remove luggage.
  5. Tonneau cover and luggage tie down rings
  6. Roll Bar hand grips for easy exit
  7. Parking Brake
  8. Antisplataero Nose Wheel Bearing Modification (eliminates shimmy)
  9. Antisplataero Vertical Stabilizer Reinforcement Modification
  10. Antisplataero Nose Job (deter collapse of Van's nose gear)

Removable Instrument Panel

See Removable Panel for details

  1. Two Bose noise reduction headsets with added bluetooth communication for the pilots headset.
  2. Dual Grand Rapids Avionics (GRT) EFIS with complete engine monitoring
  3. Garmin 696 GPS with weather, safe taxi, approach plates, terrain
  4. Electric roll and pitch trim plus electric flaps
  5. TruTrak Digiflight II series 2-axis autopilot coupled to EFIS, ILS, VOR and GPS. The autopilot will automatically fly the GRT synthetic approach or fly the 696 GPS course.
  6. PS Engineering PMA 7000B Audio Panel with marker beacon
  7. Garmin Nav/Com SL30
  8. Garmin GTX327 transponder
  9. Advanced Flight Systems, Angle of Attack PRO (stall warning)
  10. Heated Pitot tube
  11. Dual Xenon landing lights with wig/wag
  12. GPS flight tracker. From home follow planes GPS track live or view after the flight.
  13. Monroy Traffic watch ATD-300

Grand Rapids Technology

EFIS Pilots Guide 20080411 18 MB

EFIS Technicians Guide 20080411 15 MB

EFIS Evaluation 20080411 36 KB

This is a copy of the slide show I presented to my EAA chapter. It is training on electrical wiring.

Electrical Connections 7.1 MB


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