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Ultra-Black™ Fixative

Darkens laser printer output. Perfect for use with Caseys' Translucency and Caseys' Laser Film.

Guarantee: We are so certain you will be satisfied, that you may return the unused portion for a complete refund!

Product Information (FAQs)


4 page MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) pdf icon12K

NOTE: This product can only ship UPS Ground

Blacker Blacks in a Can! Link to product information / FAQs
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Caseys' Ultra Black™
Product Code Description Packaged Unit Quantity Price  
UB01 Caseys' Ultra Black (single can) shipping UPS ground ONLY  Each 13.00
UB12 Caseys' Ultra Black (12 cans) shipping UPS ground ONLY  Dozen 108.00


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How is Caseys' Ultra Black™ used?

Print your laser-printer document onto Caseys' Translucency or Caseys' Laser Film. Shake the can of Ultra Black well before using. Hold the nozzle 12-18 inches from the document, and apply a light coat onto the image while moving the can from side to side. If necessary, apply another coat after drying (20-30 seconds). For more information on working with vellum see our tips sheet.

2. How does it work?

Ultra Black causes the toner particles to "fuse" together, making the blacks more opaque. Documents treated with Ultra Black not only look darker to the eye, but appear even darker to screenprinting exposure units, process cameras, plate makers, scanners and copy machines.

3. Does it effect the blank areas?

Ultra Black is virtually invisible, leaving no visible residue. It effects only the toner areas. Yes, it really works!

4. Does it "fix" the toner images?

Yes, even a thin coat of Ultra Black will help keep toner from chipping or flaking off. It works great for those page or ad layouts that you use over and over.

5. Will it work on liquid ink documents?

Ultra Black is designed for dry toner generated images of all kinds, not ink-based images. However, many of our customers report good results with ink-produced documents by printing onto Caseys' Clear InkJet Film.

6. How many documents will one can treat?

Hundreds. We have customers who use one or two cans per year and those who use two cans per week. Our average customer uses about four cans per year. Expect to use approximately one can per toner cartridge.

7. Should I use it on every document?

Ultra Black works best on larger graphic areas, such as headline type, reverses, logos, etc. Although it will darken even 10-point type, the effect is not as dramatic. However, if you want to preserve a document, spray it with Caseys' Ultra Black!

8. Is it really Ozone-Safe?

Absolutely. Aerosol propellants that reportedly had an effect on the Ozone Layer have been banned for years.

9. Can I use it inside?

Ultra Black smells like lacquer thinner and must be used in a well ventilated area.

10. How will it be shipped?

Because Ultra Black is an aerosol spray, it's contents are "under pressure" and can only be shipped via ground transportation, (Sorry, no next day air service is available). In the continental United States, it is shipped UPS Ground Service and should be delivered between 3-6 days. Elsewhere it is shipped Federal Express as a hazardous material.